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Creole Love Call

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra


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Feat. Adelaide Hall


Recorded in Camden, New Jersey on October 26th 1927 featuring Adelaide Hall vocals, Bubber Miley and Louis Metcalf trumpets, Joe Nanton trombone, Edgar Sampson clarinet & alto sax, Rudy Jackson clarinet & tenor sax, Otto Hardwicke clarinet, soprano, alto, bass, & baritone sax, Duke Ellington piano, Fred Guy banjo, Mack Shaw string bass, and Sonny Greer drums.

*"Creole Love Call" was composed by Edward Ellington, James Miley, and Rudy Jackson.

This debut collaboration between the "Duke Ellington Orchestra" and Adelaide Hall rapidly gained worldwide acclaim and became the first international hit for both parties. The record would catapult the careers of both Ellington and Hall to super-stardom. In 1927 while touring with Ellington in the show "Dance Mania" appearing at Philadelphia's Standard Theater, Adelaide Hall got the opportunity to be the first to perform this brand new song.

She remembers: "I was standing in the wings behind the piano when Duke first played it ("Creole Love Call"). I started humming along with the band. He stopped the number and came over to me and said, "That's just what I was looking for. Can you do it again?" I said, "I can't, because I don't know what I was doing." He begged me to try. Anyway, I did, and sang this counter melody, and he was delighted and said "Addie, you're going to record this with the band." A couple of days later I did."

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