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You'll Want Me Back Some Day

Seger Ellis


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Ultra-Rare Piano Solo


This recording was produced in Camden, New Jersey on August 12th 1925 featuring Seger Ellis piano.

*"You'll Want Me Back Some Day" was composed by Seger Ellis.

Later best known mainly as a singer Seger Ellis was a pianist from Houston, Texas whose slow blues style emerged while playing in local saloons. He first came to the attention of Victor Records while taking part in a March 1925 recording session with the "Lloyd Finlay Orchestra." Though his loose, lilting style of piano had faded in popularity by the early 1930's, Seger's records remain as a reminder of the genuine article. -Matt Chauvin

I collect and watch out for Seger Ellis piano solos, and have never EVER seen a copy of Victor 19952, or an auction listing. You'd think a "common" looking item like this would show up now and then, but it most certainly does not. On the other hand, "Sentimental Blues"/"Prairie Blues" (Victor 19755) from the same sessions shows up quite frequently, and is nowhere near as attention-grabbing as this. I am puzzled by the discrepancy in rarity. This guy did a terrific job of transferring what must be about a V-minus record. He extracted as much sound as one could hope for. -Brad Kay

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