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You're Just Another Memory

Rudy Vallee & His
Connecticut Yankees


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"1929 Film Short"


"Rudy Vallee & His "Connecticut Yankees" are featured performing a slow sentimental number in an excerpt from their 1929 film short "Radio Rhythm".

*"You're Just Another Memory" was composed by Fred Coots, Lou Davis, and Ray Klages.

Megaphone-carrying crooner Rudy Vallee's musical career began as a saxophonist in the early 1920's and he became one of the Nation's most recognized radio personalities of the next two decades. He attended the University of Maine and, later, Yale. In order to pay his tuition and other school expenses he started playing with dance bands in New York and Boston. Occasionally he also sang with these bands using a truncated megaphone which, of course, became his trademark. Although it was not at all uncommon among vocalists of the day Rudy Vallee was still using his megaphone well into the 1930's. He would often take to the stage wearing a college sweater drawing from a repertoire including songs "My Time is Your Time", "I'm Just a Vagabond Lover", and that Yale drinking ditty, "The Whiffenpoof Song".

After Rudy's graduation from Yale in 1927, the following year he formed an eight-piece band and booked a standing engagement at New York City's brand-new exclusive Heigh-Ho Club. Then when a local radio station started broadcasting live from the club Rudy Vallee was well on his way to stardom. By 1929, Standard Brands had signed "Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees" for an hour-long weekly radio show sponsored by Fleischmann's Yeast. It became known as the "Fleischmann Hour" and in 1932 their broadcast evolved into radio's first variety show.

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