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Plenty Off Center

We Three


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Feat. Red Nichols


This side was recorded in New York City on March 22nd 1926 with Red Nichols cornet, Arthur Schutt piano, and Vic Berton drums.

*"Plenty Off Center" was composed by Ernest Loring "Red" Nichols.

Uncharacteristically appearing as the member of a trio, Red Nichols performs an original cornet showpiece with sensational support from Arthur Schutt and Vic Berton.

This ensemble is a "satellite band" (or down-sized version of a pre-existing musical group) containing the same percussionist and pianist featured in Nichols' iconic band "The Red Heads".

Red Nichols started appearing on record in 1923 with a variety of bands and in 1926 he teamed up with, celebrated trombonist, Miff Mole to form "Red Nichols & His Five Pennies".

Most of his bands even his famous "Five Pennies" usually had more than five members Nichols explains, "That was only a number we tied in with my name", "We'd generally have eight or nine, depending on who was around for the session and what I was trying to do." As for "The Five Pennies", their name was meant as a pun on the word "nickel" since there are five pennies in a nickel.

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