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Rock, Jenny Rock

Georgia Strutters


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Feat. Perry Bradford


This recording was made in New York City on May 23rd 1927 featuring Perry Bradford vocals & director, Jabbo Smith cornet, Jimmy Harrison trombone, Herschel Brassfield clarinet & tenor sax, Edgar Sampson alto sax, Willie "The Lion" Smith piano, Gus Horsley banjo, and Harry Hull (or possibly Bass Edwards) tuba.

*"Rock, Jenny Rock" was composed by Perry Bradford.

As promised in the title this side delivers with an original number 'bout a girl named Jenny set to rockin' rhythm.

Not content simply being a songwriter, manager, and promoter Bradford was also something of a pop singing sensation in his own right. Also worthy of mention, this record brings together some top jazz players of 1920's New York the most prominent being Willie "The Lion" Smith, Jabbo Smith (no relation), and Jimmy Harrison.

Gus Horsley and Herschel Brassfield were longtime associates of Bradford's and Harry Hull worked with
"Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds" back in 1922 often accompanying singer Edith Wilson.

Edgar Sampson on the other hand, was a young (he's only nineteen here!) top-draw violinist and saxophone player who was in high demand. Nicknamed "The Lamb", Sampson's professional career began in 1924 and his work with Duke Ellington, Charlie Johnson, Fletcher Henderson, and Rex Stewart would keep his schedule extremely busy for the remainder of the 1920's. -Matt Chauvin

It's debatable whether Jimmy Harrison is the trombonist on this record. Though it is a good solo, there are certain characteristics of Harrison's style that are missing from this trombone passage, notably the fast vibrato that Harrison employed at that time, heard unmistakably on several Fletcher Henderson records, including "Some Of These Days" and "Fidgety Feet" -Dan Weinstein

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