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Salty Dog Blues

Freddie Keppard & His
Jazz Cardinals


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Feat. "Papa" Charlie Jackson


This recording was made in Chicago on July 26th 1926 featuring Freddie Keppard cornet & speech, Eddie Vincent trombone, Johnny Dodds clarinet, Arthur Campbell piano, "Papa" Charlie Jackson six-string banjo & vocals, and Jasper Taylor washboard.

*"Salty Dog Blues" was composed by 'Papa' Charlie Jackson.

A six-string banjoist renowned for busking for tips near his home on Chicago's notorious Maxwell Street "Papa" Charlie Jackson was also an extremely popular recording artist. With hit songs like "Shake That Thing", "Papa" Charlie became one of the very first musicians to propagate the newly emerging novelty style known as Hokum.

In fact Jackson's best selling record "Salty Dog Blues" produced in 1924 was such an enormous hit that at Paramount's urging he would also appear on the company's subsequent release of the song by "Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals" in order to ensure its success.

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