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I'm Looking For a Woman
Who Knows How to Treat Me Right

'Papa' Charlie Jackson


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Turnip Greens
(Something that I Don't Eat)


Recorded in Chicago during January of 1928 featuring Papa Charlie Jackson six-string banjo & vocals.

*"I'm Looking For a Woman (Who Knows How to Treat Me Right)" was written by Charlie Jackson.

Free living Chicago man about town 'Papa' Charlie Jackson has no problem when it comes to the ladies. The banjo strumming "Father of Hokum" and balladeer of Maxwell Street is one local celebrity with no shortage of dinner invitations from a slew of adoring female admirers.

But before they go all out and take an entire day to prepare a big meal it would be wise to check with their guest of honor to be sure that he approves of everything on the menu. Thus ensuring that those dreaded turnip greens never make it onto his plate.

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