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Won't You Be My Lovin' Baby?

Halfway House Orchestra


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Feat. Glyn Lea "Red" Long


Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 15th 1927 with Albert Brunies cornet, Charlie Cordella clarinet, Glyn Lea "Red" Long piano & vocals, Angelo Palmisano banjo, Chink Martin tuba, and Emmett Rodgers drums.

In a style typical of the dixieland tradition Albert Brunies leads his popular New Orleans jazz assembly the "Halfway House Orchestra" through their recording of a number in which pianist and (for this instance) vocalist Glyn Lea "Red" Long requests a one night stand from the song's female subject.

"Won't you be my lovin' baby, just for tonight?" Holding her tight to chase away all fear Saba suggests "Press your sweet lips close to mine, like to get that funny feeling up and down my spine". Then he repeats the line "Won't you be my lovin' baby" while thoroughly emphasizing "Just for tonight".

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