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Scissor Grinder Joe

Doc Cook's Dreamland Orchestra


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Feat. Freddie Keppard


Recorded in Richmond, Indiana on January 21st 1924 featuring Charles "Doc" Cooke director, Freddie Keppard and Elwood Graham cornets, Fred Garland trombone, Jimmy Noone and Clifford King clarinet & alto sax, Joe Poston alto sax, Jerome Pasquall tenor sax, Jimmy Bell violin, Antonia Spaulding piano, Stan Wilson banjo, Bill Newton bass brass, and Bert Greene drums.

*"Scissor Grinder Joe" was composed by S. J. Stocco & Haven Gillespie.

"Doc Cook's Dreamland Orchestra" served as the house band at Paddy Harmon's Dreamland Ballroom from 1922 to 1927 during which time the group would employ a number of prominent Chicago jazz-men many of whom originally hailed from New Orleans.

First time hearing "Scissors Grinder Joe," and I must say there's not an awful lot of Freddie Keppard on display here. All the muted cornet throughout the record until near the end MUST be by Elwood Graham. I say 'must be,' because you can HEAR Freddie, playing gargantuan-toned open horn underneath him (big as a trombone!). Graham, still muted, solos again towards the end. FINALLY in comes Freddie Keppard, obviously saved for last, with pixie-mute-and-plunger, STILL twice as loud as Graham! You get just enough of Freddie to fervently wish the trumpet assignments had been switched. -Brad Kay

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