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Back Home Again in Indiana

Roman New Orleans Jazz Band


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Feat. Albert Nicholas


The "Roman New Orleans Jazz Band" perform in France during the 1960s featuring members Bill Coleman trumpet, Luciano Fineschi trombone, Albert Nicholas clarinet, Mario Cantini piano, Carlo Loffredo bass, and Sergio Pissi drums.

*"(Back Home Again in) Indiana" was written by Ballard MacDonald and James F. Hanley.

The tune was first published in 1917.

After languishing through the mid-1940's, the Dixieland jazz revival towards the end of the decade gave Albert Nicholas' career a much needed boost. The period was marked by performances with Ralph Sutton, Sidney Bechet, Art Hodes, and Kid Ory. The clarinetist relocated to France in 1953 where he continued to be musically active until his death on September 3rd 1973.

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