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A Little Kind Treatment
(Is Exactly What I Need)

Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Band


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"Joseph Samuels' Jazz Band"


Recorded in New York City on August 31st 1921 featuring Mamie Smith vocals, Joseph Samuels violin & director, Jules Levy and Julius Berkin trumpets, Ephraim Hannaford trombone, Nathan Glantz clarinet & alto sax, and Larry Briers piano.

Mamie smith was accompanied by "Joseph Samuels' Jazz Band" on her recordings produced between August and September 1921. Band director Joseph Samuels' life like those of so many figures of early recorded jazz remains a bit of a mystery. It would seem that Joseph was born in Tennessee but went on to study at the College of Music of Cincinnati. By the late 1910's he had become a prominent fixture of the ultra-competitive New York music scene. Samuels, a polished reed player who doubled on violin, cut his debut record for Pathe in January 1919.

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