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If You Want the Rainbow
(You Must Have the Rain)

Lee Morse and her
Bluegrass Boys


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Chasing Rainbows


Recorded in New York City on November 3rd 1928 featuring Lee Morse vocals, accompanied
by Eddie Lang guitar, and Irving Brodsky piano.

Lee Morse was known for her strong, deep singing voice and vocal range, though she was merely five feet tall and weighed less than 100 pounds. In fact her voice was so deep and unusual that her early records were labeled 'Miss Lee Morse' apparently so that the record buying public wouldn't confuse her for a male singer. Lee career was ultimately destroyed by alcoholism before the mid 1930's. She died suddenly on December 16, 1954 while visiting a neighbor when she was only 57 years old.

After her death her husband Ray Farese turned her photos and scrapbook over to Rochester based journalist Howard Hosmer, who apparently produced a Morse career retrospective for a local television station. Farese died before Hosmer could return Lee's mementos. Hosmer himself died in the late 1960s.

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