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The Jazzmania Quintette

Stoll, Flynn, & Company


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Feat. Georgie Stoll
& Edythe Flynn


This Vitaphone film short released in 1928 features a very young Georgie Stoll on violin (he was twenty-two) leading his little jazz band the "Jazzmania Quintette", with personnel including the extremely charming but slightly off-key vocalist Edythe Flynn.

Song Titles: "Ain't She Sweet", "What'll You Do", "Is She My Girlfriend", "Beautiful",
and "I Ain't Got Nobody".

From the start this Vitaphone film short prominently features some nice examples of 'Single cymbal' percussion. In addition bandleader Georgie Stoll performs for a bit playing his violin with the bow loosened and inverted as did Joe Venuti. This technique allows the musician to play all four strings of the instrument simultaneously to produce full chords on a violin! At one point the pianist plays a phrase that's instantly recognizable from Bix Beiderbecke's famous piano composition "In A Mist". Georgie Stoll was a child prodigy who would later become the music director for MGM Film Studios from 1937 until his retirement in 1962.

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