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Down Town Fling

The Three Barbers


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Jimmy Lytell
(December 1st 1904 - November 28th 1972)


Recorded in New York City on February 8th 1926 featuring Jimmy Lytell clarinet, Frank Signorelli piano,
and unknown guitar.

*"Down Town Fling" was composed by Frank Signorelli and Castro Carrazo.

Born on December 1st 1904 in New York City, Jimmy Lytell got his first band experience as a twelve year old clarinetist performing with early jazz assemblies.

Jimmy was an underrated New York reedman when he first appeared on record as a member of various small jazz bands including the "Original Indiana Five" (1921), the "Original Dixieland Jazz Band" (1922-24), and the "Original Memphis Five" (1922-25).

But then in 1926, Lytell started being featured on record as a soloist initially billed as "The Three Barbers".

His first solo release was the appropriately titled "Down Town Fling".

Inevitably these early attempts showcasing Jimmy Lytell's incredible talent would eventually lead to numerous sides released under his own name.

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