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Sidewalk Blues

Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers


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"Hey, Get On Outta the Way!"


This number was recorded in Chicago at the Webster Hotel on September 21st 1926 with George Mitchell cornet, Kid Ory trombone, Barney Bigard, Omer Simeon, and Darnell Howard clarinets, Ferd "Jelly Roll" Morton piano & speech, Johnny St Cyr guitar & speech, John Lindsay bass, Andrew Hilaire drums, and Marty Bloom sound effects.

*"Sidewalk Blues" was composed by Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton.

A renowned recording of 1920's jazz, this celebrated side starts off with a vaudeville routine between
Jelly Roll Morton and guitarist Johnny St. Cyr.

Judging from the introductory dialog this tune seems to be inspired by a near fatal traffic accident.

A loud automobile horn can be heard courtesy of Marty Bloom along with the chaotic noise of pedestrians
provided by the rest of the "Red Hot Peppers".

Jelly exclaims: "Hey, Get on outta the way!" "What are ya' trying to do Knock the street car off the track?"

Next comes his famous punch line "You're so dumb you should be the president of the deaf and dumb society."

Then a regretful St. Cyr responds with the pitiful apology: "I'm sorry boss, but I've got the sidewalk blues" prompting the band to begin to play.

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