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Jungle Blues

Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers


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Jelly's Jungle


Recorded by Jelly Roll Morton's "Red Hot Peppers" in Chicago on June 4th 1927 George Mitchell cornet, Gerald Reeves trombone, Johnny Dodds clarinet, Paul 'Stump' Evans alto sax, with Jelly Roll Morton piano, Bud Scott guitar, Quinn Wilson tuba, and Baby Dodds drums.

*"Jungle Blues" was composed by Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton.

The term jungle music was first used by Duke Ellington to describe a style he'd been working on that blended the rich sounds of ragtime, New Orleans blues, and boogie-woogie, together with those of the Harlem renaissance.

He had begun developing this new sound in the mid-1920's, relying heavily on the muted trumpet of Bubber Miley.

In April of 1927 while Ellington unveiled "Black and Tan Fantasy" his greatest achievement of the new sound to date at The Cotton Club seemingly a world away in The Windy City, Jelly Roll Morton was playing the New Orleans born music that had inspired it all. In June two months after the introduction of "Black and Tan" Jelly recorded and released a composition of his own titled "Jungle Blues".

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