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It's Tight Like That

Kentucky Grasshoppers


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Feat. Jack Teagarden


This side was cut in New York City on February 11th 1929 featuring Jimmy McPartland cornet, Al Harris trumpet, Jack Teagarden trombone & vocals, Benny Goodman clarinet, Larry Binyon tenor sax, Vic Breidis piano, Dick Morgan banjo, Harry Goodman bass brass, and Ray Bauduc drums.

*"It's Tight Like That" is credited to Thomas A. Dorsey and Hudson Whittaker.

The "Kentucky Grasshoppers" were assembled by Irving Mills using members of the Ben Pollack Orchestra.

On the day of the session, Gil Rodin was sick and Benny Goodman took charge. He was in no mood to fool around: "We're making SERIOUS jazz here!" - And they did. When the exec who'd hired them got wind of this, he EXPLODED: "Get them back here, and make 'em DO IT RIGHT!!" Meaning "corny." He wanted another "Shirt Tail Stomp." So they re-made the sides with higher take numbers and plenty of razz-ma-tazz. Only a few of the legit "jazz" versions got out. -Brad Kay

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