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Trumpet Blues

Donald Lindley


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Feat. David Grupp


Recorded in New York City on January 16th 1926 featuring Donald Lindley trumpet, accompanied by
Arthur Schutt piano, and David Grupp drums & sound effects.

*"Trumpet Blues" was composed by Donald Lindley.

This long version released on Diamond Disc on the Edison label contains a great mouthpiece solo
which the Columbia recording does not. -Later on in his career Lindley would play in the "NBC staff
Orchestra" alongside Elden Benge. -Matt Chauvin

Actually the passage Matt mistakenly refers to as a 'mouthpiece solo' could not be that, since there is no gap of the time between the end of it and Lindley's return to conventional playing. To play the mouthpiece only and then return it to the trumpet would take at least a few seconds of no trumpet sound. I tried this myself on my cornet, and am sure he is playing in straight mute with his trumpet valves halfway depressed. Rex Stewart made this approach famous in "Boy Meets Horn" with Duke Ellington ( with no mute and half valves,) but Lindley's solo here is unique unto itself, and a grand display of embouchure. -Dan Weinstein

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