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Happy Hour Blues

Lloyd Scott & His Orchestra


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"Lloyd Scott: A Brief History"


Recorded in New York City on January 10th 1927 by "Lloyd Scott's Orchestra" featuring Kenneth Roane trumpet & arranger, Gus McClung trumpet, Dicky Wells trombone, Fletcher Allen and John Williams clarinet & alto sax, Cecil Scott clarinet, tenor, & baritone sax, Don Frye piano & arranger, Herbert Mann banjo, Chester Campbell bass brass, and Lloyd Scott drums & director. -(This Victor recording session was held under the supervision of Ralph S. Peer.)

*"Happy Hour Blues" was composed by Cecil Scott and Don Frye.

Born in Springfield, Ohio on August 21st 1902 Lloyd Scott and his younger brother Cecil (born November 22nd 1905) became interested in music. While Cecil studied the clarinet and saxophone, Lloyd set his focus on learning percussion and soon they began performing locally and traveling to surrounding cities. The two siblings worked together for years as co-bandleaders relocating to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and inevitably moving to New York City by the mid-1920's where they joined the ranks of Harlem jazz men performing at the Savoy Ballroom. Their group was billed at various times as either "Lloyd Scott's Symphonic Syncopators" or "Cecil Scott and His Bright Boys". Sometime around 1929 Lloyd decided to take a back seat to performing to become the group's manager. After this the assembly would only appear as "Cecil Scott's Bright Boys' until the early 1930's when Cecil was seriously injured and they disbanded. Soon after Lloyd Scott fell from the public eye and did little other professional work in music.

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