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Harry Reser


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Feat. Bill Wirges


Recorded in New York City on March 2nd 1927 with Harry Reser banjo, accompanied by Bill Wirges on the piano.

*"Calling" (aka "Llamado") was composed by Ernie Golden, with lyrics by Raymond Klages.

Regarded by some as the best banjoist of the 1920s, Reser began his career playing with mid-Western dance bands before relocating to Buffalo, New York in 1920. After arriving in Manhattan the following year his unparalleled skills on the instrument made him a session musician in very high demand. In 1925 he found fame as director of NBC's "Clicquot Club Eskimo Orchestra". As the leader of an incredible number of bands by the late '20's, Reser remarkably still managed to find time to record the occasional solo.

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