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Frisco Jass Band


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Feat. Rudy Wiedoeft


Recorded in New York City on July 26th 1917 featuring Rudy Wiedoeft clarinet, Buster Johnson trombone,
Arnold Johnson piano, and Marco Woolf violin, with unknown cornet?, banjo, & drums.

*"Yah-De-Dah" was composed by Mel B. Kaufman.

A celebratory toast to the emergence of the jazz dance record.

Promotional advertisements for this records' December 1917 release read:

"The utter abandon displayed by a jazz band constitutes the greatest charm of this newest and smartest addition to modern dance music".

"No players ever before played like this; hear them once and the "Frisco Jazz Band" will have you fascinated for life. Incidentally you'll fox-trot as never before to this music".

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