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Shanghai Shuffle

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra


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Feat. Louis Armstrong


Recorded in New York City on November 7th 1924 featuring Louis Armstrong, Elmer Chambers, and Joe Smith trumpets, Charlie Green trombone, Buster Bailey and Don Redman clarinet & alto sax, Coleman Hawkins tenor sax & clarinet, Fletcher Henderson piano & arranger, Charlie Dixon banjo & speech, Ralph Escudero bass, and Kaiser Marshall drums.

*"Shanghai Shuffle" was composed by Gene Rodemich and Larry Conley.

Louis Armstrong's solo on this record is exceptionally great! The recording serves an an perfect example of the before and after effect his presence would have on the "Fletcher Henderson Orchestra" as a whole. The first minute is a fairly accurate representation of what this largely dance-based assembly sounded like before his arrival while the rest of the side demonstrates the, profound and far hotter, difference.

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