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Women Be Wise,
Don't Advertise Your Man

Sippie Wallace


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Beulah "Sippie" Wallace
(November 1st 1898 - November 1st 1986)


Sippie Wallace, "The Texas Nightingale", is captured during a 1960's performance of her signature song
"Women Be Wise, Don't Advertise Your Man", accompanied by Little Brother Montgomery on piano.

Born Beulah Belle Thomas in Plum Bayou, Arkansas on November 1st 1898 and raised in Houston, Texas
the singer later known as Sippie Wallace became an early star of Chicago blues.

She recorded more than forty titles for Okeh Records between 1923 and 1927, many of which were written
by herself or her brothers, George and Hersal Thomas.

Dubbed "The Texas Nightingale" Sippie moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1929 followed by the death of both
her husband Matt and her brother George in 1936.

For some forty years she was a singer and organ player at the Leland Baptist Church in Detroit.

Her popular record "Bedroom Blues" was reissued by Mercury Records in 1945.

Aside from an occasional performance or recording date, Wallace did little in the blues until she launched
a comeback in 1966.

Her longtime friend Victoria Spivey was responsible for coaxing her out of retirement and onto the folk
and blues festival circuit.

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