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We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye

Annette Hanshaw


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"The Personality Girl"
(October 18th 1901 - March 13th 1985)


This extremely rare footage featuring Annette Hanshaw was filmed in New York City in 1933 as a segment
of the Paramount short "Captain Henry's Radio Show".

(Although he doesn't appear on screen the clarinet break is presumed to have been played by Jimmy Dorsey.)

Annette Hanshaw made her one and only appearance on film in the 1933 Paramount short "Captain Henry's Radio Show". It was an picturization of the popular Thursday evening radio program the "Maxwell House Showboat", on which she starred from 1932 to 1934.

Born in New York City in 1901 Annette Hanshaw was blessed with the natural singing talent and innocent
charm that endeared her to audiences Nationwide.

Known as "The Personality Girl" her vocal style was well suited to perform popular songs of the jazz age
during a period spanning from the mid-1920's to the early 1930's.

In addition to making records under her own name Annette also recorded using a number of pseudonyms including Gay Ellis, Ethel Bingham, Marion Lee, Patsy Young, and Dot Dare.

Appearing on hundreds of sides between September 1926 and February 1934 the beloved singer's record
sales had already topped four million by her final year.

Annette Hanshaw retired from show business during the late 1930's and married Pathé Record's executive
Herman "Wally" Rose.

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