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The Music Racket

Lee Morse


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"1930 Vitaphone Short"


Lee Morse stars in the June 30th 1930 Vitaphone film short "The Music Racket".

In this production Lee is featured performing the songs "Mailman Blues" and "In the Middle of the Night".

In the film Lee Morse enters the world of Tin Pan Alley, where artists are commonly exploited, with an audition for the Mack Music Company ("where murdering a song is no offense").

Some phony unscrupulous agents and producers will tell the talent anything in order to attain favorable results or merely keep stringing them along and billing for services.

In a building with rooms packed full of entertainers, one such talent agent named Eddie finds Miss Morse singing the last bars of "My Gal Sal" and puts on the charm, but a street-wise Lee isn't buying.

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