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Limehouse Blues

Adrian Rollini Trio


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"Adrian's Switch to Vibes"


During a 1939 performance short filmed in New York City the "Adrian Rollini Trio" featuring Adrian Rollini vibraphone, Frank Victor guitar, and Harry Clark bass, put their own spin on a classic standard.

By the mid-1930's Adrian Rollini had given up his bass saxophone and moved on to specialize on the vibraphone and tubular bells. The reason behind this dramatic career shift was the changing musical climate of the swing era. From 1935 onward Rollini usually worked in a trio setting, one such trio with Frank Victor (guitar) and Harry Clark (bass) is featured in this film clip. The song is a well-known pop tune that had been adopted by jazz performers titled "Limehouse Blues". It was filmed in New York in July 1939 and released later that year.

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