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If I Could Be With You
(One Hour Tonight)

Ruth Etting


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From "One Good Turn"


Ruth Etting sings "If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)" with co-star Jay Velie (as pianist Eddie Farrell) in a excerpt from the 1930 Vitaphone short "One Good Turn".

*"If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)" was written by James P. Johnson, with lyrics by Henry Creamer.

In the film "One Good Turn" Ruth Etting appears as Ruth Eton of the the singing duo "Eton & Farrell". When her agent urges her to go solo in order to advance her career rather than abandon her partner Eddie Farrell she commits herself to giving him intensive voice lessons. Unfortunately for Ruth Eton, months later when his abilities have finally improved enough to perform on his own Farrell proves to be far less loyal of character when he dumps her for an opportunity to launch his solo career. Then in a surprise plot twist Eddie suddenly loses his voice only to discover who his true friends are in the end.

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