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Eddie South
"Dark Angel of the Violin"
(November 27th 1904 - April 25th 1962)


Classically trained jazz violinist Eddie South performs on film during the 1940's.

Born in Missouri in 1904 Eddie South was a child prodigy of classical violin.

His choice of jazz was inevitable because racial boundaries prevented him from all other serious musical pursuits.

Eddie toured Europe from 1928 to 1930 with his band the "Alabamians" a group named for a Chicago night spot they frequented.

After enjoining the personal and artistic freedoms that were commonplace abroad it was extremely hard for him to return home to the rapid racism and segregation of the U.S.

Thus subsequent tours overseas were booked for much of the 1930's during which Eddie's performances with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli would have a lasting influence.

The violinist would likewise have a lasting effect on the jazz world by introducing the fascinating Gypsy music styles he had absorbed during his travels on to the local Chicago scene.

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