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One Night in June

Gene Fosdick's Hoosiers


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Feat. Gerald Finney & Will Lanin


Recorded in New York City during November of 1922 featuring Joe Rose cornet, unknown trombone, Gene Fosdick clarinet, alto, soprano sax, & director, Dudley Fosdick mellophone, unknown tenor sax, Gerald Finney and Will Lanin pianos, Ray McDermott banjo, unknown bass brass, and John Sonin drums. -To Flip The Record Click Here.

*"One Night in June" was composed by Ted Snyder, Arthur Lange, and Ernest C. Klapholz.

Remembered fondly in accounts by Hoagy Carmichael for smoking "muggles" (a 1920's slang term used for marijuana cigarettes) Gene Fosdick was actually quite an innovative musician and bandleader. Setting his group apart from others of the day it featured his brother Dudley Fosdick on mellophone an instrument rarely used in jazz and also incorporated not one but two pianists.

Stylistically Gene's reed work can be best described as falling somewhere between "gas pipe" and the more refined sound of a dance orchestra player.

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