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Never Swat A Fly

McKinney's Cotton Pickers


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Feat. Bill Coty


Recorded in New York City on November 4th 1930 featuring Bill Coty vocals, Rex Stewart cornet, Langston Curl and George "Buddy" Lee trumpets, Ed Cuffee and Quentin Jackson trombone, Don Redman director, clarinet, & alto sax, Benny Carter and Jimmy Dudley clarinet & alto sax, Prince Robinson clarinet & tenor sax, Todd Rhodes piano, Dave Wilborn banjo, Ralph Escudero tuba, and Cuba Austin drums.

*"Never Swat A Fly" was written by Ray Henderson, Buddy De Sylva, and Lew Brown.

The fox trot was popularized in Fox Film's 1930 science fiction musical-comedy "Just Imagine" staring El Brendel, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Garrick and Marjorie White.

Backed by Don Redman's swinging band "McKinney's Cotton Pickers" Bill Coty sings about the possibilities of a secret romantic life led by insects. "Never Swat A Fly" he warns "he may love another fly" and "sit with her and sigh the way I do with you". This concept isn't held strictly to flies either as the song goes on to include ants, bees, and fleas suggesting that the entire insect kingdom may well be up to far more than merely buzzing around.

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