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I'd Love It

McKinney's Cotton Pickers


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Feat. The McCord Brothers


Recorded in New York City on November 5th 1929 featuring Sidney de Paris, Joe Smith, and Leonard Davis trumpets, Claude Jones trombone, Benny Carter clarinet & alto sax, Don Redman clarinet, alto sax, & arranger, Coleman Hawkins clarinet & tenor sax, Castor McCord clarinet & tenor sax, Joe Bettus (aka Ted "Jobetus" McCord) clarinet & tenor sax, Fats Waller piano & celeste, Dave Wilborn banjo, Billy Taylor bass, and Kaiser Marshall drums.

*"I'd Love It" was composed by Don Redman and Will Hudson.

At the end of his first solo (he has two), trombonist Claude Jones rips up to a high F, considered the very top of tenor trombone range at the time, and seldom reached on record up to that point (Dicky Wells hits one on one of the Cecil Scott Bright Boys records from the same period, and J.C. Higginbotham came close on a Henry Allen record from early 1930...all were Victor records). Also, Joe Bettus, listed on the Bluebird record label, and therefore derived from Victor's files, is probably Ted "Jobetus" McCord, Castor McCord's twin brother and fellow tenor sax man. Both twins were heavily influenced by the immortal Coleman Hawkins, who also is on this record. This would make it a four-man saxophone section present here. -Dan Weinstein

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