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Go 'Won To Town

Dewey Jackson's Peacock Orchestra


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Feat. Floyd Campbell


Recorded in St. Louis, Missouri during June 21st 1926 with Dewey Jackson cornet & director, Albert Snaer trumpet, William Luper trombone, William Thornton Blue clarinet & alto sax, Cliff Cochran soprano & alto sax, Willie Humphrey clarinet & tenor sax, Burroughs Lovingood piano, Pete Robinson banjo, Pops Foster string bass, and Floyd Campbell drums & vocals.

*"Go 'Won To Town" was composed by Dewey Jackson.

This number starts out with a horn line from the band's leader which is then elaborated upon with some nice soulful clarinet from William Thornton Blue. Dewey belts it again this time with more power and when he has finished as before Thornton Blue comes in again emulating his drive. Then it's time for the whole band to get in on the action but this free-for-all is short lived as pianist Burroughs Lovingood soon takes a break of his (? her) own featuring some interesting left handed time keeping.

Floyd Campbell supplies standard blues verses as he does on "Capitol Blues" and the other two titles captured at this solitary June 1926 Vocalion session attended by "Jackson's Peacock Orchestra". Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this record is the "Hey! Hey!" stop-time call and response segment which occurs during the last 30 seconds. This type of orchestral effect was not a practice common to the regional jazz styles of St. Louis, but was already being widely used in New York. Having just returned from a four month stint playing at the Cotton Club as a member of violinist Andy Preer's Orchestra that Winter there can be little doubt that this title "Go 'Won To Town" was Dewey's reference to The Big Apple and what he had learned there. "Is you crazy?" comments Floyd. -Matt Chauvin

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