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Under the Moon It's You

Bert Lown & His
Hotel Biltmore Orchestra


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Feat. "The Biltmore Rhythm Boys"


This recording was produced in New York City on July 21st 1930 featuring Frank Cush and Eddie Farley trumpet, Al Philburn trombone, Elmer Feldkamp clarinet, alto sax, & vocals, and Larry Tice clarinet & alto sax, Paul Mason clarinet, tenor sax, & vocals, Adrian Rollini bass sax, Mac Ceppos violin, Chauncy Grey piano, Tommy Felline guitar & vocals, Merrill Kline bass brass, and Stan King drums.

Modeled after the original "Rhythm Boys" of Paul Whiteman fame, the "Biltmore Rhythm Boys" were a harmonized singing group organized by Bert Lown that consisted of Elmer Feldkamp, Paul Mason and Tommy Felline.

*"(Under The Sun Itís Anyone) Under The Moon Itís You" was written and composed by Norman White.

As a songwriter, band manager and violinist, by 1929 Bert Lown had a hand in nearly every facet of the music industry. Learning of the somewhat deficient Don Bigelow band performing at New York's prestigious Hotel Biltmore the ever-industrious Bert Lown tasked himself with providing a brand new dance orchestra to replace it. After organizing a band of ten local musicians "Bert Lown's Hotel Biltmore Orchestra" made its' debut at the establishment on December 3rd 1929 to perform during dinner service and, with member's including Adrian Rollini, Frank Cush and Tommy Fellini, he really couldn't lose. Lown was a fine musician and promoter but was a bit lacking in musical knowledge so for the most part he merely fronted the band. The booking was a godsend for members of Lown's ensemble as with the recent crash of the stock market most musicians in the city were finding it harder and harder to secure enough engagements to make ends meet. As one article at the time published in Radio Revue magazine put it; "Bert has turned musical notes into bank notes with surprising clarity".

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