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Be Yourself

Jimmie Joy's
Baker Hotel Orchestra


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Feat. Rex Preis


This recording was produced in Kansas City, Missouri on May 14th 1925 featuring Rex Preis cornet, Jack Brown trombone, Jimmie Maloney (Joy) clarinet, alto sax, & leader, Collis Bradt and Gilbert O'Shaughnessy clarinet, alto, & tenor sax, Lynn Harrell piano, Clyde Austin banjo, Johnny Cole bass brass, and Amos Ayalla drums.

*"Be Yourself" was composed by Eddie Sharpe and Henry Busse.

Before making a name for himself as an established pop singer of the late 1920's while he was still enrolled at the University of Texas, Smith Ballew spent a period as a banjoist with Jimmie Maloney's band beginning in 1922 . He was with "Jimmie's Joys" when they performed a memorable February 1923 concert over San Antonio radio station WOAI.

Born in Dallas, Texas in 1902 James Monte Maloney (aka Jimmie Joy) was a clarinet and saxophonist highly regarded for his ability to play two clarinets at the same time in the fashion of Wilbur Sweatman. Arriving on the University of Texas in 1921, a short time later Jimmie took leadership of a preexisting five piece campus band. This collegiate ensemble would also prove to be a fine hotel and ballroom Orchestra performing regularly at such top hotels as the "Muehlbach" in Kansas City, the "Peabody" in Memphis, the "Baker" and "Adolphus" Hotels in Dallas, and the "St. Anthony Hotel" in San Antonio.

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