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The Arm Breaker

Clarence M. Jones'
Wonder Orchestra


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"From The Owl Theater"


Recorded in Chicago on July 21st 1926 by "Clarence M. Jones Wonder Orchestra" with Clarence M. Jones piano & director, featuring unknown trumpet, trombone, saxophones, banjo, bass brass, and drums. -(Originally released as # 8404 on the Okeh label.)

*"The Arm Breaker" was composed by Clarence M. Jones and Fred Rose.

In 1908 Clarence M. Jones made his publishing debut with the original composition "Lightning Rag". Although due to its overall lack of syncopation (which is used only in the trio) this piece barely qualifies as a "Rag", his next publication "The Candy" released in 1909 and billed as a (Ragged Two-step) more than made up of it.

That same year (1908) Clarence began teaching piano and music theory to fellow African American's in his native Cincinnati and would appear listed as a music instructor in city directories until 1912 when he packed up his family and moved to Chicago.

The Windy City must have been the ideal environment to nurture the pianist's creativity because 1914 proved to be Clarence M. Jones' most productive year yet, with more than ten new titles including the hit "Thanks for the Lobster". In addition to his dual roles as both a composer and instructor Clarence started performing in cafes and clubs around Chicago as a solo pianist or accompanist, and later with his own band as the decade wore on.

Open for business in 1916 Chicago's Owl Theater was a nine-hundred-forty-four seat venue billed as the "Most Popular Theater on the South Side" that was a jazz hot-spot from the very beginning. A short time later Clarence M. Jones became either the musical director or manager of The Owl and formed his "Wonder Orchestra" to provide the theater's live musical entertainment.

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