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Hop Head

Duke Ellington & His


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Feat. Otto Hardwick


Recorded in New York city on March 22nd 1927 featuring Bubber Miley and Louis Metcalf trumpets, Joe Nanton trombone, Otto Hardwick alto sax, Prince Robinson clarinet & tenor sax, Duke Ellington piano & director, Fred Guy banjo, Henry Edwards tuba, and Sonny Greer drums.

*"Hop Head" was composed by Edward "Duke" Ellington and Otto Hardwick.

Deriving its name from a catch all term commonly used in reference to drug addicts of all types during the 1920's and '30's this Duke Ellington original provides an ultra-stimulating listening experience just as the title implies. During this period "Hop Head" was especially used when describing opium and heroin users. Incidentally although it was a practice rampant among jazz musicians of his day, Ellington was one artist who never dabbled with opiates.

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