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"Bert Williams' Theme Song"


This is the original recording made by Bert Williams in 1906.

*"Nobody" was composed by Bert Williams, with lyrics by Alex Rogers.

In February 1906 "Abyssinia", a musical comedy with a score co-written by Bert Williams premiered in New York at the Majestic Theater. The show, which included live camels, was another smashing success and Williams committed many of its songs to disc and cylinder. Among them was "Nobody" a song that would become his signature theme and the one he is best remembered for today.

Bert Williams became so identified with the song that he was obliged to sing it in almost every appearance for the rest of his life. Williams' himself considering its popularity to be both a blessing and a curse. Not only was he always expected to perform the song publicly, the record companies also needed to call him back to the studio to re-record it constantly because their over-used master discs kept wearing out.

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