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Everybody Loves A 'Jass' Band

Arthur Fields


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Arthur Fields:
Voice of Early Jazz


This recording was made in New York City on March 15th 1917 by vocalist Arthur Fields.

*"Everybody Loves A 'Jass' Band" was composed by Leon Flatow, with lyrics written by Coleman Goetz.
-It was one of the first songs to contain the word "Jazz" in the title.

Arthur Fields was a baritone singer and songwriter on vaudeville whose first hit came in 1912 with the song "On The Mississippi" with lyrics by Harry Carroll and Ballard MacDonald for which he wrote the music. He would go one to make recordings with African American bandleader Ford Dabney in 1919; the very first recordings of a white singer backed by a black band.

The following statement was printed on this records paper jacket: "Do you love a 'Jass' band? Doubtless you would if you knew what one was. You'll know all about it when you have heard this song. 'Jass' bands are all the rage this year in the 'Lobster Palaces' along Broadway".

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