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Bouncing Around

Piron's New Orleans Orchestra


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Feat. Lorenzo Tio Jr.


Recorded New York City on December 3rd 1923 featuring Armand J. Piron violin & leader, Peter Bocage trumpet, John Lindsay trombone, Lorenzo Tio Jr. clarinet & tenor sax, Louis Warnecke alto sax, Steve Lewis piano, Charles Bocage banjo, Bob Ysaguirre tuba, and Louis Cottrell drums.

*"Bouncing Around" was composed by Peter Bocage and Arand J. Piron.

Bocage and Lindsay handle the main instrumentation with Louis Warnecke's saxophone taking on more of a droning supportive role. Piron's violin (at times more audible than others) is played for most of the record bringing a real warmth to the performance. The clarinet of Lorenzo Tio Jr. serves to weave and stitch the assembly together throughout, which thanks to Louis Cottrell's precision time keeping is hardly a necessity.

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